ÖKO TÁMOP 3.1.4 Erasmus+

Our teachers


Dorka Prinz


 Hungarian-English Bilingual Class 1.k

My name is Dorka Prinz. After finishing secondary school, I studied French and Art History at the University of Budapest. After spending a year in France on a scholarship, I studied Primary Education and spent another year in London getting my Master’s degree. I have been teaching in Dobsuli for four years, mainly English and English civilisation, but have also taught Hungarian Literature and Grammar. As a class teacher, I have been facilitating the personal and educational development of twentyfour students and supporting the life of a multicultural community for three years. In addition, I have been working with the Student Council because I believe that it is essential that students learn to stand up for themselves and work for their community.
I have been working with children for ten years. I volunteered in camps as a secondary school student and later I worked with underprivileged children and children with serious illnesses. In addition to my university studies, the experiences I gained through these programs and camps have been the foundation of my teaching practice. I believe in the power of games and creating: they build community, develop creativity, problem-solving skills, self-knowledge and much more. Therefore, the core of my lessons is playing and creating, in English lessons as well as in Hungarian classes. In order to make this approach work, together with the children we create a safe environment where everyone has the right to ask questions, make mistakes, and come up with their own ideas and solutions.
My goal is for my students to be proficient at Reading, Writing, and Maths, but also to speak English confidently by the end of the fourth year. I find it even more important to provide a solid basis for students to learn to learn, think, and express their opinion. Children should be open to the world and to each other, accept themselves and their peers, take care of their immediate and wider environment. As a primary school teacher, my role is not to impart knowledge but to create an environment in which children can discover the world.
I am looking forward to meeting the new first graders.

Ujvárosi Mónika,
Csuhai Gábor

Hungarian-English Bilingual Class 1.d

I have been working in our school for more than 30 years. As a form teacher I spend four years with my classes which provides a great emotional security for them.
I currently head a bilingual class where I teach all of the subjects except for English language.
We’ve had a new After School Club teacher (napközi) for the last two years. His arrival has brought colour into the life of our class. It is also inspiring for the two of us to see how an experienced teacher and a starting young teacher can cooperate.
Our goal is to see children come to school happily, learn with cheer and gain lots of experiences during lessons and free time activities alike. When choosing our teaching methods we consider the children’s abilities so that they may achieve their full potential as to their talents and personalities.
Starting school is a huge step for all children.
We would like to assist and support this process to the best of our knowledge. We extend a warm welcome to our new first graders.

Spieszné Szabó Krisztina (Kriszta néni) osztálytanító
Rónyai Éva (Éva néni) napközis tanító

Programming and Extra English (other half of the class) , Special Dance and Extra English (one half of the class); 1.a
Starting school and leaving a homely education in kindergarten behind has never been easy. We aim to make this transition easier for young school children. Our primary focus in our day-to-day work is that children would find joy in learning, be successful while acquiring knowledge and do that based on their own experiences in order to improve their creative thinking. All children are skilled or talented in one thing or another. It is our job to take notice of it and find that particular area.
Alongside learning, community-building is also a top priority for us. Children should enjoy themselves in a community where they spend a big portion of their day. They should learn to pay attention to each other and take responsibility. We strive to educate and teach the children entrusted to us in love and in one accord with parents.
In this spirit, we extend our warmest welcome to our future first graders.

Murgulyné Lakatos Melinda

Art with English Specialisation Class 1.m
My name is Murgulyné Lakatos Melinda. I have dreamed of becoming a teacher since kindergarten and I have done everything to make my dream come true. After graduating at highschool, I worked in a school in a little village where I have collected a lot of experiences. These convinced me to become a teacher. I studied Primary Education with Hungarian specialisation in Budapest. I have worked Dobsuli for more than 20 years. When I arrived at this school, I immediately knew that I am in the right place. I am surrounded by excellent and helpful colleagues. I find it essential that kids at our school feel good and come to school happily. My students think I am a 'cuddling type of teacher' who is always ready to give a hug. My former students keep on doing this too.
It is essential that kids become proficient at Reading, Writing and Maths. In addition, one of my goals is that students become readers. We read a lot of stories where they can use their imagination that is limitless at this age. Tales make children love reading and they can be used for moral and aesthetic education as well. I make my lessons interesting and funny using playful activities too.
Developing fine motoric skills is crucial in a child's life especially regarding writing. That is the reason why we use a number of artistic techniques. The beutiful pieces we create make both children and their parents satisfied.
As a class teacher, my role is to support the personal development of each student as well as to build a good community through class trips and programs. Being a mother helps understanding both sides of child-teacher and child-parent relationships. My goal is that children learn to learn, think, manage their time and communicate with their peers and the adults.
I am looking forward to meeting the new first graders.